Dave Kim


Over the years, I’ve found myself reflecting and coming back to a few concepts that have helped me gain new perspectives and approach situations differently. Think of these as a growing list of principles that I use for work and life.

I believe that…

  • It’s important to work with brilliant, creative, and hardworking people. But none of that matters if they’re not also kind.
  • Most people spend a lot of time solving the wrong question.
  • We’re not going to get everything right. But we can make a world of a difference if we get just one or two things really, really right.
  • Most things ultimately come down to people negotiating with others – whether it is other people or with our own future (or prior) selves. Be kind. Be generous.
  • We are all looking for the Good Life. And no, it’s not all about good food and better booze. It’s much more simple and honest than that.
  • Tennyson said it best: I am a part of all that I’ve met.