Dave Kim

About This Site

Hi. You’re here! That’s great. While you’re here, it’s worth mentioning a few things. Nothing too serious or overly dramatic, but I figured it’d be great to get this out in the open now.

Ok, here goes.

These are my thoughts and bad jokes, and they do not represent those of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s.

I know, I know. You see this type of standard disclaimer everywhere. But it’s true.

When I do reference something that my team has or is supporting, I’ll make it clear. Barring that, keep in mind that these are my personal perspectives.

What is up with this site’s “design”?

This isn’t the prettiest site out there on the internet. But then again, it really isn’t the ugliest one either. I designed a lo-fi, dead-simple website to avoid shop projects and to build out in the open.

Change Log



  • Added a Newsletter page and linked to the first two issues.
  • Created a shortcode for thew Newsletter sign up section. Nice.
  • Added a link to my Polywork page in the Now page
  • Added light formatting for links


  • Edited the Site Notes page to fix some questionable grammar



  • Launched v1 of the site
  • I had to hold back from building out all of the other “ooh that’d be cool” features. They’re cool, but they don’t need to be there for v1 of this new site.