Dave Kim

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June 2021

Currently, I’m a program officer on the Financial Services for the Poor team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, figuring out what it means to live on Vashon Island (it doesn’t mean making my own kimchi, but I’m thinking about it), and enjoying my new role as a dad.

Right now, I’m curious about:

Communities, collectives, coalitions

How will different ways of organizing and connecting people, ideas, abilities, and resources change how we make sense of and sense-make the world?

Crypto x financial health

There’s a lot of hype about how crypto can play a meaningful role in financial inclusion / health. I do think the overall arguments around faster, cheaper, global by default are interesting, but it does make me think that we’re designing a faster horse.

I’m more interested in exploring how to leverage the money lego blocks and move the creation of financial products closer to individuals and communities with lived experiences that demand a reimagination of the typical solution set offered by banks, FinTechs, and mobile money providers.

Bridges between spaces, in-groups and out-groups, and time

What are the best ways to connect and move information, money, goods, and people?